What two groups in Northern Ireland have had a history of dispute

What Two Groups In Northern Ireland Have A History of Dispute

This question is one that is often asked by many people from other countries who simply don't understand why there always seems to be trouble in Northern Ireland.  In really simple terms outsiders could easily class this as a religious dispute between Protestants and Roman Catholics.

However, this would be a misleading view as most religions in Northern Ireland get on very well together.  Religion certainly plays a part in it all, but is made more complicated by both the history of Ireland and the current political situation.

Generally speaking nationalists (Roman Catholics) would have more allegiance to the rest of the island of Ireland, whereas Unionists (Protestants) would have a strong allegiance to the United Kingdom.

Each group has both an historical and a political belief and would justify those claims.  Their cultures also vary and each group also attend different schools and go to different churches. Hence the stalemate and the potential for small disagreements, to escalate quickly into rioting and violence.

This is a very short answer to the question of what two groups in Northern Ireland have had a history of dispute and to understand this in more depth, I would recommend reading through this blog.